Move your body and listen to your inner voice

Move your body in the quiet woods, or the earthly farmland, to fine-tune the heart and soul, often disrupted by life in the city. That is the experience programs of Fufu Yamanashi, created based on advice from medical experts. The program consists of a set program that hotel guests can freely attend, and optional programs that require more expertise.

 We value the theory of “mindfulness”

Concentrate on this very moment, and comprehensively grasp thoughts that emerge naturally inside you. Fufu Yamanashi incorporates in its programs the “mindfulness" approach adopted by global firms and educational institutions. It allows one to consciously acknowledge one’s inner self to help with self-management and mental care.





SET PROGRAM(no extra charge)

Hotel guests are free to participate in the set programs without any extra charge. Different menu is available on different days of the week.

※The menu may change depending on the lecturer’s schedule and number of guests. The set program includes evening programs on the day of the arrival to the morning programs on the day of departure.

morning program
midday program
evening program
Mon zazen
Body reset
Tues Kriya Yoga farming
Wuji Gong
Wed mindfulness
SOTAI exercise
Thurs zazen
Release Exercise
Fri mindfulness
Body reset
Sat zazen
SOTAI exercise
Sun mindfulness
Wuji Gong
Body reset
MORNING ココロをととのえるプログラム
Program to adjust the mind

“Zen refers to seeing into and discerning the truth of the way things are, then harmonizing the mind to properly correspond with that understanding. It is also to maintain the harmony of body, breath, and mind by sitting in a stable position with a focused mind.”

Buddhist monks from the Soto and Rinzai Zen schools will offer easy-to-understand instructions on how to practice “zazen,” the sitting meditation. It will be a quiet time to reflect upon one's everyday life.

Kriya Yoga

The purpose of this yoga is to allow one to control the mind and body by strengthening and enriching the mental and the physical. By focusing on internal respiration, the activity will approach the conscious and nerves, increase awareness from the body’s interior to the exterior, and lead one to a deeper state of relaxation.

Mindfulness Yoga
- High-Res Yoga -

Fufu Yamanashi’s morning program is Mindfulness Yoga. Mindfulness is considered an effective way for modern people to adjust the brain. At Fufu Yamanashi, Sony Corp. has provided technical support to offer background music played in original high-resolution sound during the session. Boasting 6.5 times more data than a compact disc, the emotional healing sound in high-res sound will reverberate through every cell in your body. An immersive yoga experience not easily available in the cities awaits newcomers as well as the experienced yoga practitioners.

NOON 自然を感じるプログラム
Program to feel nature
Walk in the Woods

The morning walk helps reset your internal clock and adjust your condition. Our body is equipped with an internal clock that runs under a specific bodily rhythm and controls health. Going under the sunlight in the morning is said to help reset the internal clock to mark the proper rhythm. Go for a morning walk and feel the seasons of Fufu!

Farm Building & Farm Cooking

The program between April and November will involve working on the farm and coming in contact with earth in order to help enrich the soul. During the winter season, participants will cook local specialties using the vegetables and fruits from the farm as well as other produce from the area.

EVENING カラダをととのえるプログラム
Program to adjust the body
Body reset

The program aims to adjust the body core by creating correct posture using the stretch ball relaxing techniques that loosens up your body, and through exercises that works on the inner muscle. The program seeks to build a body that feels comfortable and “just good,” both physically and emotionally.

Wuji Gong

Wuji Gong is China’s elegant and mystic Qi Gong whose slow movements provide easy comfort to the practitioner. The form where Qi power is taken in from the five directions (north, south, east, west and center) and integrated into the body as energy is meant to allow the practitioner to deepen the connection with one’s true self.


Sotai-ho, a Japanese form of muscular therapy exercise invented by Dr. Michio Hashimoto, attempts to improve one’s natural healing powers by restoring the body’s structural balance through neuromuscular reeducation and unwinding of muscular holding patterns. The exercise will teach the participants to be able to recognize what is best for the body and adjust the body accordingly on their own.

Self-Myofascial Release Exercise

The exercise will improve the body’s condition by relaxing and restoring the fascia, the connective tissue that wraps around the muscle. Participants will learn easy self-massage techniques using items such as tennis balls.

The Fireplace

The flickering of flames is said to have a relaxing effect. You may discover your natural self by simply sitting around the fire and relaxing quietly or by enjoying a casual conversation at the end of the day. The fireplace will be lit in autumn and winter, and candles will be lit in spring and summer.



OPTIONAL PROGRAM(separate fee)

Fufu Yamanashi also offers optional programs that involve more expertise. The programs are available for day guests also.

※The price depends on the number of participants. Please ask for more details.

Forest Therapy ®

duration: 120 minutes
8,640 yen per person, 4,320 yen per person for group of 2 or more persons

Forest Therapy® refers to therapeutic effects from the forest environment that has been supported by scientific evidence. Accompanied by a trained guide, the session seeks to maintain and improve health and prevent illnesses using the forest environment. Go refresh yourselves by feeling the healing power of nature around Fufu Yamanashi.

The program is not available between Dec. 1-Mar. 31 as the conditions are not fit for walking.

Konarayama mountain trekking

duration: about 5 hours
15,750 yen per person, 8,400 yen per person for group of 2 to 4 persons

The entrance to the trekking course of the 1,713-meter high Konarayama Mountain is located next to Fufu Yamanashi. The view of Mount Fuji from the top of Konarayama is extraordinary. Participants will take a taxi to the entrance of the course.
The duration of the course, including time to eat lunch at the top of the mountain, will be about 5 hours. Advanced registration is required.

Aromatherapy treatment

The treatment involves administering oil treatment using essential oil of your choice, which will be applied to the entire body after warming your feet in warm water. Please select from the following menu:

A. body detox
60 minutes ¥9,720

Improve body circulation using elegant massage techniques

B. body detox + foot sole massage
80 minutes ¥11,880

Stimulate the reflex zones of the instep to eliminate body toxins

C. stress release
100 minutes ¥12,960

Release stress using relatively strong massage techniques

D. stress release + “Intestine Therapy” abdominal massage
120 minutes ¥15,120

“Intestine Therapy,” a form of abdominal massage, offers relaxation from the insides by softening up the abdominal area

E. entire body + foot sole massage + “Intestine Therapy”
140 minutes ¥17,280

A deluxe menu involving numerous massage techniques that will revive your body and mind completely

art therapy

duration: 90 minutes
10,800 yen per person, 5,400 yen per person for group of 2 persons or more

The coloring will help you understand your current state, and by expressing yourself you will be able to release stress. No need to be able to draw well, as you are free to express yourself through simple-to-do coloring exercises using different painting material.

gauging the autonomic nervous system

duration: 30 minutes, 3,240 yen per person

The lifestyle check test and gauging of the autonomic nervous system will help you understand if your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are in balance.

individual counseling

8,640 yen for a 50-minute session

A. stress management counseling

Seeking a suitable way to handle your stress while understanding your current state of stress.

B. lifestyle improvement counseling

“I want to fix my sleep rhythm,” “I can never continue the diet I started...” you want to improve your lifestyle but it’s not easy to put it in practice... When action doesn’t match your thoughts, your emotions and thinking pattern may be affecting your actions. The counseling will help you understand your cognitive pattern and help you take action of your choice.

C. mindfulness counseling

Mindfulness is defined as “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.” You will learn to be able to observe your bodily sensations, thoughts and sentiment “of the moment” and be able to calmly make judgments or act accordingly. The counseling session offers mindfulness meditation techniques that can be practiced in everyday life.

Health-improving aromatherapy

90 minutes
¥10,800 (one person)
¥5,400 (per person for two persons or more)

The program involves picking herbs and preparing herb tea, making original blend oils that will help improve your health, and learning self-massage techniques.

Myofascial release therapy

60 minutes ¥9,720
90 minutes ¥11,880

The body suffers from different kinds of stress caused by bad posture in everyday life, tenseness from psychological stress, and imbalances of body parts. When exposed to such stress for a long time, the twists and contractions of the fascia, the connective tissue that wraps around the muscles, cause pain.
Myofascial release therapy attempts to loosen up and “release” the fascia by applying appropriate pressure. You will be able to feel the improved blood and lymphatic circulation after the therapy, giving your body more mobility and flexibility.


Ayurveda, meaning “life-knowledge,” is traditional medicine performed for the purpose of increasing natural healing powers, improving health, preventing illnesses and staying young.

A. Shirodhara
110 minutes ¥19,440

Shirodhara is a form of Ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring liquid such as oil over the forehead to stimulate the brain and the spinal nerves. The treatment will help ease eye and head fatigue, lessen general discomfort, ease stiff shoulders and relax psychological tenseness through the removal of body toxins.
The Marma energy points of the head and face will be stimulated before performing Shirodhara to improve blood circulation and increase the efficacy of the general treatment.

B. trial Shirodhara
60 minutes ¥16,740

Suitable for easing stress, eye fatigue, too much thinking, and stiff shoulders.

C. Abhyanga
150 minutes ¥25,500

Adhyanga is a form of Ayurvedic oil massage using medical oil that suits the condition of the body. Waste and toxin residing in the body will be washed away as sweat.

D. trial Abhyanga
60 minutes ¥16,740

Suitable for those who want to relieve fatigue and stress, or who simply want to relax. Special oil prepared from medicinal herbs that nourishes the body will be used for an oil massage treatment from the neck and below.

E. Abhyanga + Shirodhara
200 minutes ¥32,800

F. Beingness ~ energy healing
30~60 minutes ¥8,100

In the natural state of things, every existence in this universe is in its best state due to the waves of love and harmony that are constantly being provided by the universe. But human cognitive activity creates energy waves of different thoughts and feelings that make it difficult for people to live their true selves, as manifested in forms of physical discomfort or conflict with one’s environment. Beingness is about making your brain and body relax so you can accept the necessary energy of love and harmony from the universe, and allowing the necessary changes to occur in you.
You will be asked to lie down on the bed in loose-fitting clothes. The therapy attempts to adjust your breathing and allow you to absorb the energy through your chakra. The instructor may make physical contact as needed.